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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Writing and Books

ABRSM Music Theory Exam Technique Guide - Take a Look!

My ‘How to Take Your ABRSM Music Theory Exam’ book is an exam technique guide which will help you be best prepared to take your music theory exam and will also help you to maximise the marks you gain when actually taking the exam. My students are always advised to follow the procedures outlined in this book and it is not unusual for students to gain Distinction - some even scoring 100%. Take a look!

How to Take Your ABRSM Music Theory Exam - Grades 1, 2 and 3
Available in eBook and Paperback from Amazon
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How To Take Your ABRSM Music Theory Exam Grades 4 and 5: Exam Techniques For Everyone by Sharon Bill
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My Harmony & Composition Book - Take a Look!

My Harmony and Composition book is a pocket sized resource for Grades 6-8 Music Theory, and advanced harmony study. This is a distilled version of the basic concepts you need to understand for ABRSM Grades 6 - 8, easily referenced without being bamboozled by an information overload. I refer to these notes all of the time in my lessons.

My new books are now available via Amazon worldwide
Harmony and Composition
Music Practice Diary
Harmony and Composition
Music Practice Diary

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My Music Practice Diary - Take a Look!

My Music Practice Diary was born after a conversation discussing the need for a ‘no-nonsense’ dairy to log your daily music practice routine. Using tips from years of teaching music I have created a diary which will help you to maximise the time you spend at your instrument. You have to work smarter, not necessarily harder. Plan your work then work your plan! Take a look around my Music Practice Diary.

My new books are now available via Amazon worldwide
Music Practice Diary
Music Practice Diary

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Biddulph Grange Stumpery: Where Art and Nature Meet


Biddulph Grange Stumpery is my favourite “go-to” for a lunch time walk to blow the cobwebs away. It goes without saying that all of the gardens are exquisitely beautiful but the Stumpery conjures all sorts of literary associations in my mind. Read More…

Hush Hush


It was a joyous night of celebration, on many levels, when my hubby whisked me away to Waterstones to the book launch of Hush Hush, by Mel Sherrat. Read More…

Lights, Camera, Action!


YouTube is an excellent resource. Whatever you want to learn, you can find it there. With ABRSM Music Theory exam time only just behind us I thought this was a good opportunity to show you behind the scenes when I'm recording my Music Theory Tuition Series. Read More…

Artful Designs


A little taste of my new cosy mystery, Artful Designs - just out! …

Mere hours after a Constable watercolour sketch is featured in a presentation at a meeting of Mossleigh Women’s Institute the original is stolen from the Whitworth Art Gallery. It seems that the cultured veneer of the art world shields a much seedier underworld where theft is just the icing on the cake.
Read More…

Fête Fatale by Sharon Bill Audio Extract

Here is a short audio extract from my debut cosy mystery novel 'Fête Fatale' - the first in my Beth Williams series - and the eBook and paperback are available from Amazon (UK, USA and other nations)

Music Tuition YouTube Videos by Sharon Bill


After 25 years of piano and music theory tuition my lessons are now available on YouTube in glorious cinematic 4K!

Each of the videos is exactly as I would teach at home - it's as if you were sitting next to me for your weekly lesson.

Beginning with the absolute basics I explain about Read More…

Batter the Clock!


In the Midlands “Fritter” means a large slice of potato deep-fried in batter and is surprisingly tasty. However, the word has another universal meaning which is even worse news for our health. Read More…

Fête Fatale by Sharon Bill Cover Artwork Time-lapse

My debut novel, Fête Fatale, has been a collaboration of effort. My husband, Billy, has excelled in producing such fabulous artwork!

It's been a real joy to work together with my husband to produce this book. Just as the characters in the story pool their resources to get to the bottom of the mystery my husband and I have teamed up to create all the aspects required to make this book a tangible reality. I enjoy watching him at work and now you can watch it too!

New Academic Year

The start of the academic year and the autumnal darker, colder nights causes many complaints. After all the moaning and groaning about being back to school I feel I should re-dress the balance. There's a fresh chill in the air in the morning and it's a fresh, new start to the school year. I love September! Read More…

Fête Fatale by Sharon Bill. My Debut Novel

Fête Fatale by Sharon Bill (ME!) My debut novel.

Is a cosy mystery based in Rural Cheshire amid a Women's Institute Summer Fête where everything doesn't quite work to plan, is now available. This is the first in the Beth Williams Mysteries series.

Available in Paperback and eBook from;

Amazon UK

Synopsis below. Read More…

Jane Austen Bicentenery Anniversary


It is a truth universally acknowledged that we all love Jane Austen. The 200th anniversary of her death is a good time to appreciate the pleasure her work still brings. But why? How does she still capture her audience after all these years? Read More…

I Want to Tell You a Story

As an avid Amazon Audible subscriber I'm a great fan of the audio book. But is this cheating?
Read More…

Textile Tribute

The Whitworth reflects the textile heritage of the City of Manchester, so if you’re in need of a fabric fix it’s an obvious choice.
Read More…

The Joy of the Written Word


Calligraphy, penmanship, writing and scribble in general, I just love every aspect of the written word. Read More…

True Grit - Little House on the Prarie


The American Pioneering spirit has fascinated me for a long time and I've recently become deeply interested in researching more about the details of the lives of these courageous people. I'm particularly interested in the domestic details. If I ever think I'm working hard and have to grind in the domestics each day I only have to compare my lot with theirs.
Read More…

Hesitant Musician

In my forthcoming eBook “Letters from the Broom Cupboard” I refer to what I have termed the “Treble Clef Brigade”. - an exclusive club that I never dared to join.

Putting up the Christmas decorations this year I realised that I have made some progress in overcoming an inherent fear that I have in this area and I’ve finally succumbed to the lure of musical frippery. It’s something that I’ve never dared venture before. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll live to regret it! Read More…

Musical Moments

I stumbled upon an old copy of Handel’s Flute Sonatas whilst tidying up my music shelves (instead of actually practicing - an old trick of mine). I found some music that I was playing when I first met my husband. Who was this ‘Sharon Healey’ - I can barely remember her. I remember the flute Sonata better than I actually remember myself back then. In an effort to get to know who this Miss Healey was I had a rummage through some photographs and came across a school picture that captured quite well who I was.
Read More…

An Inspector Calls - Review

An Inspector Calls was bound to restore my faith in theatre mystery/drama after my recent disappointment - how could it fail? Read More…

Executive Away Day

sharon_bill_ great_orme_bonnevill
Team Building and project management formed our business away day - alternatively me and David went for a jolly trip to Llandudno to have a chat about family life and work. Read More…

Fickle Flute Fancies

The relationship between a woodwind player and their instrument technician is one of trust. I always feel a tinge of shame as I hand over a tarnished flute housed in a dust-ridden case. It's an expression of guilt and an acknowledgement that your beloved instrument is about to get the TLC it has been deprived of for some time and so desperately deserves.
Read More…

Sherlock Holmes and The Ripper Murders - Review

I love Buxton and I love Buxton Opera House. A group of ten of us heading off to the theatre meant that we were geared and ready for a good night out (although it was a little disappointing that we didn’t quite fill a whole row!) I also love mysteries and I particularly love Victorian mysteries, so the stage was all set to be captivated - if you’ll pardon the pun... Read More…

Riding and Research

A trip to Manchester City Art Gallery happily combined with a ride on Wiggins, our Triumph Bonneville counted as a morning's work. Oh the freelance lifestyle! Read More…

New eBook on the horizon

My new eBook is on the very near horizon. It's a sort of 'Memoirs of a Music Tutor' written as a series of letters. Here is an extract to give you a taste of things to come. I've really enjoyed writing it, I hope you enjoy reading it… Read More…

Careers' Portfolio

Years ago I read an article which discussed the concept of a 'Careers' Portfolio'. It stated that more and more people were turning their backs on a single, all consuming career in favour of one, two or even three self employed occupations. Read More…

A Night at the Opera

Madama Butterfly at The Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent is possibly the most enjoyable opera that I've been to! Perhaps it was down to the good company that I had too. Read More…

eBook extract

Sharon Bill writing extract
Here's an extract from my forthcoming eBook. It's written as a series of letters as I sit and wait in-between absent pupils. It gives some of the highs and lows of a private music tutor.
Read More…

Author's Inspiration

The Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie - the main source of inspiration for my murder mystery novels. Read More…