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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

The V&A Museum

Within the Victoria and Albert Museum (The V&A) is my favourite place on earth. I find William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones, arts and crafts from the Medieval and Renaissance, tapestry and metal work - all that my heart can desire. I find that it both depresses me and makes me regret my laziness and the mediocrity that often surrounds us, but then it inspires me to do better and to raise my head from the mire and to try again. I always come away uplifted and encouraged. Read More…

Let Your Fingers Do The Walking

People come for lessons for many and varied reasons. The most obvious motivation is a desire to play music, but this isn’t always the priority. Read More…

Slay a Few Demons!

ABRSM piano scales make for effective therapy. Now, I’m not suggesting that I’m ever in a bad mood… but, hypothetically speaking if I was, it’s better to take it out on the piano. There’s nothing quite like bashing up and down four octaves of the keyboard to vent your spleen and ABRSM of the old school provided plenty of material to go at.
Read More…

The Portager Garden - Bung It All In!

I like the French style Portager Garden where herbs, vegetable and flowers all grow together. Although I the organised system of keeping bedding groups within their own discipline (the archetypal herb garden is a national treasure) but it simple doesn’t work for me. Read More…