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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Burning the Midnight Oil

Grieg's 'Notturno' seems like the perfect piano piece for a bout of insomnia. With the volume down (or the practise pedal locked on) it shouldn't disturb anybody - but even if they do wake it's a pleasant piece to fall back asleep to.
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Classical vs classical

The phrase "Classical Music" can mean two entirely different things. In my contribution, as a music tutor, to our village magazine I attempt to clarify the distinction. Read More…

WI in the Twenty First Century

Women's Institute Bronze winning Lemon Curd: My microwave recipe passed the test of the hallowed taste buds and shows that skimping on time doesn't have to mean skimping on quality.
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If At First ...

The last of the Unfinished Projects - The Book of Kells detail worked in stem stitch, back stitch, blanket stitch and french knots is nearing the finish line! It would have been finished much sooner if I'd checked that the new batch of thread was the correct shade. Forgetting to do that I then had to unpick a large section, which was heart wrenching. Read More…

Is Music Art or Science?

Is learning to play an instrument a discipline of the arts or the sciences. It's surprising how history and culture shapes how we view learning. As a music tutor I write for a quarterly parish magazine. In this article from last year I grapple with the way society now approaches the arts… Read More…

Productive Insomnia

When is a bedroom not a bedroom? When it houses a Korg portable digital piano. Read More…

When Bluebells Are Not Blue

Mutant Bluebells have appeared in my front garden. Apparently they don't have to be blue, they can be white - or even pink!
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It's the Simple Things in Life

An unusually happy trip to see my GP ended with a down to earth cup of milky coffee from my local market - who needs expensive lattes or cappuccinos? Read More…

"Quartet" - A Review

This review of the Film "Quartet" featured in a local quarterly magazine that I contribute to.
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UFOs - UnFinishedObjects

I've discovered that I'm not one of nature's knitters! I think I've had to knit every square about three times because of little mistakes and my inability to unpick strategically. I'd resolved not to begin anything new until all my unfinished craft projects were completed - and so I've finally finished it!
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