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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

It's Good to Talk

Communication is an important part of family life, but as children grow into adults and work schedules become more and more fragmented it’s easier said than done (if you’ll pardon the pun). I’m realising that notes and messages on scraps of paper are becoming of vital importance in our home.
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Musical Moments

I stumbled upon an old copy of Handel’s Flute Sonatas whilst tidying up my music shelves (instead of actually practicing - an old trick of mine). I found some music that I was playing when I first met my husband. Who was this ‘Sharon Healey’ - I can barely remember her. I remember the flute Sonata better than I actually remember myself back then. In an effort to get to know who this Miss Healey was I had a rummage through some photographs and came across a school picture that captured quite well who I was.
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Food For Thought

International Day of Rural Women and World Food Day culminated with a potted history of the WI - and it makes for a very interesting read. I was moved to discover the true depths of what bought these ladies together. The depth and substance of the story made me quite emotional and I do wonder if it might not be time for us to roll up our sleeves again? Although I'm very wary of jumping on the band wagon in politics, as it's so easy to make biased assumptions on too little information, I do approve of the WIs role in food management. We waste too much food today, simply because we have lost the art of 'waste not want not' and the art of food preparation. We have HDTV and mobile everything and yet we have food banks (not wishing to open a can of worms). The WI recently supported a resolution to reduce food waste, and it begins in your own kitchen... ‘ Read More…

Just Two Extra Wheels/Pudding - a Sticky Situation

Moving from two wheels to four is quite a 'rite of passage' so a recent trip to take our daughter to buy her first car necessarily involved a celebratory meal out.
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An Inspector Calls - Review

An Inspector Calls was bound to restore my faith in theatre mystery/drama after my recent disappointment - how could it fail? Read More…

Keeping My Hand In

During my A level studies figured bass and four part harmony weren't high on my list of priorities - and I certainly never imagined that I'd choose to attempt an exercise in the small hours of the morning out of choice. Read More…

Executive Away Day

sharon_bill_ great_orme_bonnevill
Team Building and project management formed our business away day - alternatively me and David went for a jolly trip to Llandudno to have a chat about family life and work. Read More…

Fickle Flute Fancies

The relationship between a woodwind player and their instrument technician is one of trust. I always feel a tinge of shame as I hand over a tarnished flute housed in a dust-ridden case. It's an expression of guilt and an acknowledgement that your beloved instrument is about to get the TLC it has been deprived of for some time and so desperately deserves.
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Our Usual Road - (at an unusual time)

sharon_bill_bonneville_at night
A romantic ride out over the National Peak District to Buxton seemed the perfect way to make the most of the dry weather - while it lasts. The fact that it was night time and the temperature was getting chilly didn’t cross our mind... at first...
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Time Hangs Heavy

I have intermittent periods of sleeplessness. Insomnia is an unpredictable animal - what do you do with those hours… ? Read More…