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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Let Your Fingers Do The TALKING


I spend my days tripping my fingers over keyboards of one sort or another. I seem to remember writing an article with the very similar title, ‘Let Your Fingers Do The Walking’ discussing the various merits of playing the piano. However, I’ve also been busily tapping away on my computer keyboard and I’m now enjoying seeing the fruits of my labour in my first published books. Read More…

Music Tuition YouTube Videos by Sharon Bill


After 25 years of piano and music theory tuition my lessons are now available on YouTube in glorious cinematic 4K!

Each of the videos is exactly as I would teach at home - it's as if you were sitting next to me for your weekly lesson.

Beginning with the absolute basics I explain about Read More…

Batter the Clock!


In the Midlands “Fritter” means a large slice of potato deep-fried in batter and is surprisingly tasty. However, the word has another universal meaning which is even worse news for our health. Read More…

Fête Fatale by Sharon Bill Cover Artwork Time-lapse

My debut novel, Fête Fatale, has been a collaboration of effort. My husband, Billy, has excelled in producing such fabulous artwork!

It's been a real joy to work together with my husband to produce this book. Just as the characters in the story pool their resources to get to the bottom of the mystery my husband and I have teamed up to create all the aspects required to make this book a tangible reality. I enjoy watching him at work and now you can watch it too!

New Academic Year

The start of the academic year and the autumnal darker, colder nights causes many complaints. After all the moaning and groaning about being back to school I feel I should re-dress the balance. There's a fresh chill in the air in the morning and it's a fresh, new start to the school year. I love September! Read More…

Fête Fatale by Sharon Bill. My Debut Novel

Fête Fatale by Sharon Bill (ME!) My debut novel.

Is a cosy mystery based in Rural Cheshire amid a Women's Institute Summer Fête where everything doesn't quite work to plan, is now available. This is the first in the Beth Williams Mysteries series.

Available in Paperback and eBook from;

Amazon UK

Synopsis below. Read More…