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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author


Batter the Clock!


In the Midlands “Fritter” means a large slice of potato deep-fried in batter and is surprisingly tasty. However, the word has another universal meaning which is even worse news for our health. Read More…

Textile Tribute

The Whitworth reflects the textile heritage of the City of Manchester, so if you’re in need of a fabric fix it’s an obvious choice.
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Triumph Motorcycles and Guinness World Record - what more could you wish to hear in a single sentence?
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Just Two Extra Wheels/Pudding - a Sticky Situation

Moving from two wheels to four is quite a 'rite of passage' so a recent trip to take our daughter to buy her first car necessarily involved a celebratory meal out.
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Executive Away Day

sharon_bill_ great_orme_bonnevill
Team Building and project management formed our business away day - alternatively me and David went for a jolly trip to Llandudno to have a chat about family life and work. Read More…

Our Usual Road - (at an unusual time)

sharon_bill_bonneville_at night
A romantic ride out over the National Peak District to Buxton seemed the perfect way to make the most of the dry weather - while it lasts. The fact that it was night time and the temperature was getting chilly didn’t cross our mind... at first...
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Night Riders

Duty calls: Being obliged to scrub in a new front tyre we had to sacrifice our evening and go for a night time ride. It's a tough life, but somebody's got to do it! Read More…

Riding and Research

A trip to Manchester City Art Gallery happily combined with a ride on Wiggins, our Triumph Bonneville counted as a morning's work. Oh the freelance lifestyle! Read More…

Oh, Just Get Lost!

Make hay while the sun shines. One of the joys of being self employed is that now and again you can just get lost! We needed to go to the Post Office and by some strange twist of fate got very lost on the return journey… accidentally… on purpose… Read More…

Triumph for Triumph?

It was such a thrill to be part of the attempt to create a new Guinness World Record for the largest number of Triumph motorbikes in a single parade. On a Bonneville and a Speed Triple we joined the throng organised by Staffordshire Triumph.
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On the road again - Introducing our bike's names

More sunshine meant that a Triumph Bonneville, a Triumph Speed Triple and a Suzuki SV650 needed a trip out again. A favourite run of ours is to Buxton through the Peak District National Park. Read More…

Happy Present from Hubby

My husband bought me a surprise. It's a grab rail for our Triumph Bonneville, but I call it a Butt Bar - because my 'butt' butts up against it! Read More…

Family Day Out

I thoroughly enjoyed a family day out to the Rhug Estate, Corwen, Denbighshire on a Triumph Bonneville, a Triumph Speed Triple and Suzuki SV650. We hoped that a bison burger would have rewarded a few hours 'in the saddle' but they'd run out - despite a field of Bison nearby. We'll have to go again sometime soon… Read More…

Back on the road!

Woohoo! The sun is shining and I'm back out on the bike with hubby! Read More…