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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Artful Designs


A little taste of my new cosy mystery, Artful Designs - just out! …

Mere hours after a Constable watercolour sketch is featured in a presentation at a meeting of Mossleigh Women’s Institute the original is stolen from the Whitworth Art Gallery. It seems that the cultured veneer of the art world shields a much seedier underworld where theft is just the icing on the cake.

Beth and her twin brother, DCI Benedict James, join forces to get to the bottom of the affair. Although DCI James must pursue the official lines of enquiry Beth finds that a more abstract approach draws the threads of the mystery together.

Beth is a piano tutor and member of her local WI and is aptly placed to tap into seemingly insignificant details to get right to the heart of the affair. When all hope fades and the Old Masters look to be forever tainted by sordid crime Beth, with the help of her unassuming friends, restores the balance of justice and the intrinsic beauty of artistic endeavour.