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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Keep Smiling (but not too widely)

New Year's Resolutions are usually my thing and so it mortifies me to have to swallow my pride and join the throng in the gym membership fervour. Determination not to be counted as one of the keen beginners, only to drop out in a few weeks, is just one of the factors that are keeping me motivated to keep working…

I don't mind being middle aged, but I do mind the thought of being too overweight as well. I'm also noticing that my asthma isn't so good which is linked to weight and fitness. If I don't sort it now then it's only going to get more difficult. I'm naturally a sedentary person: I sit down to teach piano, I sit down to write and I relax by sitting down and reading. I'm gradually building up my stamina and don't need to take breaks between increasing numbers of lengths.Typical for a musician though - I keep losing count of my lengths. During this particular swim there was an extra motivation keeping me moving. I'd mistimed my session and needed to swim in a cordoned off area during an OAP aqua-fitness class. Although it made the water a bit choppy it would have been OK, however, we had to evacuate the pool because some poor soul had lost their teeth in the pool. The worst part was the fact that nobody could find them. That kept me swimming - I didn't dare put my feet down!

It transpires that the dentures dilemma isn't restricted to the swimming pool. I heard of a conductor who spat his teeth out in a particularly frenzied movement. Unabashed he simply bent down and reinserted them without losing a beat.
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School Boy Errors

Like the first day at High School I'm aware that, as a 'newby' in the gym there may be some classic mistakes that highlight me as the new kid on the block. Read More…

Oh, Shut Your Mouth!

Pets routines usually get disrupted during the holiday season - the hens were no exception. Eewe, they needed a good clean out!
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