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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Women's Institute

'Night' of the Garter


How on earth did I end up sewing a burlesque garter? As a member of Mossley WI I was super thrilled to be asked by our President to represent our group in a competition at The Cloud group meeting. Of all things, I was asked to sew a garter. Any excuse for a trip to my local market and a sneaky market coffee. Read More…

Fête Fatale by Sharon Bill Audio Extract

Here is a short audio extract from my debut cosy mystery novel 'Fête Fatale' - the first in my Beth Williams series - and the eBook and paperback are available from Amazon (UK, USA and other nations)

Batter the Clock!


In the Midlands “Fritter” means a large slice of potato deep-fried in batter and is surprisingly tasty. However, the word has another universal meaning which is even worse news for our health. Read More…

Fête Fatale by Sharon Bill Cover Artwork Time-lapse

My debut novel, Fête Fatale, has been a collaboration of effort. My husband, Billy, has excelled in producing such fabulous artwork!

It's been a real joy to work together with my husband to produce this book. Just as the characters in the story pool their resources to get to the bottom of the mystery my husband and I have teamed up to create all the aspects required to make this book a tangible reality. I enjoy watching him at work and now you can watch it too!

Fête Fatale by Sharon Bill. My Debut Novel

Fête Fatale by Sharon Bill (ME!) My debut novel.

Is a cosy mystery based in Rural Cheshire amid a Women's Institute Summer Fête where everything doesn't quite work to plan, is now available. This is the first in the Beth Williams Mysteries series.

Available in Paperback and eBook from;

Amazon UK

Synopsis below. Read More…

Time For Tea

Whittard’s Tippy Assam tea makes a quirky brew but I felt it deserved a more elevated purpose. After a long evening in the kitchen, making food that needed to be made, I felt like rounding the proceedings off with a little experimental culinary frippery. By happy coincidence I concocted the most delicious tea loaf ever! Read More…

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery


'The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery' David McGillivray, played by Audley Theatre was the funniest play I've ever seen! As a member of the Women's Institute and also being involved behind the scenes in amateur dramatics I could appreciate this play on many levels - it was a little too close for comfort! I laughed like a drain all night long. Read More…

Christmas Baking

The traditions of Christmas, baking Christmas cake, mince pies, buying presents and decorating the home are things that don't particularly move me. In reality, I think it's something that I do enjoy when the mood strikes but I balk at the pressure to conform, particularly when time and budget aren't conducive. The expectation to do certain things and failure to comply resulting in disapproval (real or imagined - there's little different in these matters I find) is what causes me a problem. However, once I've shaken off the shackles (which take some shaking, believe me) I find that I'm actually in the mood to indulge a little. I've never made a Christmas cake before and my mince pies have always left quite a bit to desire. However, now that I'm a member of the Women's Institute, help is at hand and already I'm thrilled with the results.
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The WI at The Royal Cheshire Show

The Women’s Institute hold stringent competitions each year which are judged very strictly. The standard of workmanship is exceptional but I’m sure that it’s really important to have a receptiveness for constructive criticism and also to bear in mind that its ‘just for fun.’ The same advice is true for all the arts, “Be resilient to rejection and keep on trying.” Read More…

Long to Reign Over Us

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday didn't go unnoticed at the WI or at home. I do love her and honour her attitude of tireless service.
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Food For Thought

International Day of Rural Women and World Food Day culminated with a potted history of the WI - and it makes for a very interesting read. I was moved to discover the true depths of what bought these ladies together. The depth and substance of the story made me quite emotional and I do wonder if it might not be time for us to roll up our sleeves again? Although I'm very wary of jumping on the band wagon in politics, as it's so easy to make biased assumptions on too little information, I do approve of the WIs role in food management. We waste too much food today, simply because we have lost the art of 'waste not want not' and the art of food preparation. We have HDTV and mobile everything and yet we have food banks (not wishing to open a can of worms). The WI recently supported a resolution to reduce food waste, and it begins in your own kitchen... ‘ Read More…

WI Trip to Rudyard Lake

What else would induce you to spend a cold and rainy evening on the water at Rudyard Lake? A Women's Institute summer trip out! Read More…

Keeping it in the Family

Mossley Women's Institute, part of the Cheshire Federation, now boasts three generations from the same family. My daughter has just joined and may well be the youngest member of the WI. Read More…

Anyone for Croquet?

As part of the WI Centenary celebrations I went to Bishop's Court for the morning. It was lovely to meet ladies from all over the Cheshire Federation. Of course the tea and cake was delicious but the best bit (for me) was playing Croquet on the lawn. Read More…

Hope is 'Suspended' ...

Hope to gain the Annual WI Competition Trophy is slipping away (unlike my stocking) as the garter I made didn't gain any points at all in this month's challenge.
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Fascinating Stuff!

This month’s Women’s Institute competition was to make a Fascinator. The speaker was a lady who ran a modelling agency and the talk was entitled "Making the Most of Yourself." Read More…

WI in the Twenty First Century

Women's Institute Bronze winning Lemon Curd: My microwave recipe passed the test of the hallowed taste buds and shows that skimping on time doesn't have to mean skimping on quality.
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Women's institute

I thoroughly enjoyed the Women’s Institute meeting last night. The speaker was a Toastmaster who researched my name meaning and origins. He also had a wealth of funny anecdotes and bizarre wedding stories. I could empathise - as a wedding organist I’ve seen a few strange things! Read More…