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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Executive Away Day

sharon_bill_ great_orme_bonnevill
Team Building and project management formed our business away day - alternatively me and David went for a jolly trip to Llandudno to have a chat about family life and work.

Although I have to admit that we could have a chit-chat anywhere nobody can deny that a change of geography and a sense of 'getting away' inspires and motivates. The fact that we also enjoyed a lovely ride in beautiful scenery on a lovely clear day is an added bonus - after all, what's the use of being self employed if you don't get to enjoy the odd perk?

My husband and I both work from home, which is an absolute blessing, but sometimes it's a real blessing to just blow away the cobwebs and spend time together. This gives us the space to chat about the domestic and the business aspects of our life without them pressing in around us. It's a good time for us to refocus and plan for the future. David is really helpful to me in guiding and inspiring my plans for my writing and for my music. It's good to just sit in a cafe, drinking tea (of course - who can think without a cup of tea in their hand?) thrash ideas around and hone plans and figure out how to fit business and family life together. The magnificent back-drop of the Llandudno pier and Welsh landscape may also have inspired us to raise our game that little bit higher.

Joking apart, if you're going to work together it is important to enjoy time together too - and we're quite good at that. In my forthcoming book "Fête Fatale" I introduce the two main characters Beth and Drew, who share many similarities with David and myself. We built our studies and our relationship together, side by side by the college vending machine and have continued in the same vein decades after. The ceremonial rites of the tea pot also figure significantly in the solving of the mystery. I guess a writer must write about what they know!