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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Lights, Camera, Action!


YouTube is an excellent resource. Whatever you want to learn, you can find it there. With ABRSM Music Theory exam time only just behind us I thought this was a good opportunity to show you behind the scenes when I'm recording my Music Theory Tuition Series.

The aim of my YouTube channel is to share my love of studying music theory with a systematic, comprehensive resource to help guide you through every aspect of the progressing stages of the ABRSM music theory grades. However, sitting under the lights adds an extra pressure to teaching. It's strange how that record button suddenly intensifies the atmosphere - even when you're just sitting at your own humble desk. Nevertheless, I'm learning new ways to adapt to the situation and I'm getting more familiar with the equipment as I go along.

It's taken some time to find how to best light the desk, so as not to create a shadow over the work without then bleaching the page, as it's important to be able to clearly show the manuscript as I go along. It's also taken a bit of experimenting to find out how to best focus on the work in hand, rather than my hand at work! It's surprising how a creative approach finds unexpected results: Draping an old blanket prevents sound bouncing off the walls and also gives a nice warmth to the frame. The result in 4K is astounding!

All of this is to provide the best possible presentation to give the main focus to the topic in hand - music theory. I hope that my tutorials are interesting and informative. I don't want to merely provide the answers, but show how to fully understand the topic and develop the ability to find the answers for yourself. I've made mistakes along the way, as I hone my presentation technique and get used to working under a camera, rather than sitting side by side with a pupil. However, my viewers are so very lovely - they have helped and encouraged me as I progress.

I've spent many years (more than I care to name) teaching music and the internet has provided an amazing platform which enables me to share what I know, and it's a joy to be able to share such knowledge as I have. Not only am I able to to offer tuition videos, I can also provide resources via free PDF downloads which accompany each step of your studies. I have also written, "How to Take Your ABRSM Music Theory Exam Grades 1 - 3" and "How to Take Your ABRSM Music Theory Exam Grades 4 & 5" which give tips on exam technique to best prepare for your exam and how to best make use of the time in the exam room, built from years of taking exams myself and also entering pupils for exams.

I know that I'm certainly learning a lot as I endeavour to tailor my teaching to the Twenty First Century!