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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Shop Local

The benefits of shopping with local retailers are many and varied but, for me, the most overwhelming argument is that of maintaining a sense of community. Although I heartily dislike shopping of any sort, particularly food shopping, I quite enjoy our weekly trip to our local market. I inevitably buy more than I intend as I get waylaid from the veg and cheese stalls to the wool stall, but I'm always surprised by still managing to remain within budget - usually. The budget of time is another matter, we always spend longer either chatting or sitting drinking market coffee (Mmmmm) and a sticky bun! Read More…

Busy Bees


The book 'Little Women' inspired me to create a "Busy Bees' group of our own. As wives, mums and homemakers there's always something to be busy with and it's nice to be busy together sometimes. In reality our little group is just a few friends who meet together with a light hearted, tongue-in-cheek approach to our evenings. We have corporate literature, membership badges and keep a log book of our meetings, which makes some interesting reading as we look back and verify it with our official bee stamper. The only requirement to join our group is that, whatever you do, you must be busy.

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