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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

WI Trip to Rudyard Lake

What else would induce you to spend a cold and rainy evening on the water at Rudyard Lake? A Women's Institute summer trip out!

- and I'm so glad I went! I keep trying to figure out what it is that makes me enjoy being a member of the WI. At first glance one wonders why you'd want to sing "Jerusalem" with a load of old women and sit and listen to random speakers - but that's only the first glance. Firstly it isn't JUST a load of old women my daughter and I are both members and I don't think we're classed as old. Also, in friendships it's good to cross the age barrier (home education taught us that). More than anything it's inspiring to be with aspiring people - those who would go out on a cold and rainy evening rather than sit at home doing nothing. There's a lovely lady in our group who really suffers with arthritis, but it didn't stop her heaving herself in and out of a boat.

I see and hear of so many people who just mopse around at home, complaining that they're bored and lonely - waiting for life to come to them (and moaning when it does.) The WI trip was so encouraging, on so many levels. The group of ladies I was with were determined to have a good time. The super guy at Rudyard to gave us the boat trip and interesting commentary was also a volunteer. He'd chosen to give up his time to take a group of chattering WI ladies and to share his knowledge and enthusiasm.

That's why I love going to the WI, and it's so good to take my mum and my daughter along with me.