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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

WI in the Twenty First Century

Women's Institute Bronze winning Lemon Curd: My microwave recipe passed the test of the hallowed taste buds and shows that skimping on time doesn't have to mean skimping on quality.

I gingerly entered this into the competition at my first ever meeting at my local Women's Institute meeting. In the very few months since then I've made it onto the committee and regularly start the meeting playing the traditional "Jerusalem" on the piano. The ladies have been so welcoming - none of the stereotypical "Old Guard" hanging onto the reigns and begrudging new ideas and involvement. There's a good mix of ages and, as homeschooling taught my children, it's good to make friends of all ages. My daughter is extremely jealous of my evenings there but commitments don't allow her to accompany me just now. It's a shame really because I take my own dear mum with me and it would be so lovely for three generations to go together.