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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

The WI at The Royal Cheshire Show

The Women’s Institute hold stringent competitions each year which are judged very strictly. The standard of workmanship is exceptional but I’m sure that it’s really important to have a receptiveness for constructive criticism and also to bear in mind that its ‘just for fun.’ The same advice is true for all the arts, “Be resilient to rejection and keep on trying.”

The Secretary of our group took me to the Royal Cheshire Show this year - I loved it so much! I spent most of the time in the WI tent admiring the competition entries but there is so much to see and do. You could have a go at bell ringing (I myself was a campanologist years ago). There is all sorts to tempt you to buy and lots to do and see. When you need a break the WI do a sterling job providing delicious refreshments.

I’m a member of Mossley WI and we host a small echo if this competition each month purely for fun. Each month’s competition theme is designed to vary between make/bake/find so as to satisfy all tastes and abilities. Most often the competition compliments the theme of the visiting speaker in some way. For example, when our speaker was a retired headmaster the competition was to bring in an old school photograph. Or, later we are having a farm shop butcher come and speak and so the competition will be to make four sausage rolls. I have just come third with a hand sewn book mark after the speaker was a Solicitor. The competition is judged by the visiting speaker on a purely subjective basis with no marks awarded or criticisms given. This means that you have to just accept their decision in good spirit regardless of any idea of your own view of merit. This competition is purely for fun but an accumulated score gradually leads to an overall winner who will hold the trophy ( a small silver rose bowl) for a year.

Maybe one day I’ll be brave and dare submit an entry in the Cheshire Federation competition at the Royal Cheshire show. The President of our group acts as a judge at times and the deckchair floristry is her contribution to the show (not part of the competition0.

I've made a short Youtube slideshow of some of the pictures from my day. I really did have a super time!