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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Productive Insomnia

When is a bedroom not a bedroom? When it houses a Korg portable digital piano.

Finding that the boys' bedroom is used less often it seemed a good opportunity to put the room to better use. Sometimes it's difficult to get access to the piano in the music room. If I'm teaching during the evening then my daughter can't get to play. Also, the music room doubles as a guest room with a fold out sofa bed, so if a guest is staying over then I can't always get to my piano. I have a tendency to want to practise at strange times during the night and I'm not sure guests would welcome me thundering up and down scales as they sleep (or try and sleep.) A little shuffling of furniture quickly made room for my portable piano and, hey presto - I have an extra practise room! I don't think the boys can complain as they still have a bed to sleep in. I think my eldest son will quite like having his own personal piano when he comes home.

If the boys are home and guests are staying then my plan has failed - both pianos will be off limits! Oh for a bigger house (or fewer kids?)