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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

UFOs - UnFinishedObjects

I've discovered that I'm not one of nature's knitters! I think I've had to knit every square about three times because of little mistakes and my inability to unpick strategically. I'd resolved not to begin anything new until all my unfinished craft projects were completed - and so I've finally finished it!

At the end of last year I finally finished an embroidery that my husband drew out for me 21 years ago - when I was pregnant with the twins. Not surprisingly I soon found that I hadn't time to sew. Then I went off the design for a bit. My daughter completed most of the "Spring" section and I put a spurt on and finished it for her 21st birthday. In reality it's her life in seasons, as she's grown as the embroidery has grown. It seemed fitting that it should be finished for her. About a decade later David drew out a map of the Shire as we were on a long ferry crossing to Northern Ireland. Yet again, I went off the boil once we'd got back home and life took over as usual. Nevertheless - I'm pleased to say that it is now complete and I'm quite happy with the end result. It also seemed a good way to spend a relaxing day, knitting in PJs after a very busy weekend with a house full.

This little blanket was supposed to be a prototype for a larger bedspread. I'd made the pattern up myself, taking the snowflake design from a child's chunky jumper pattern. I'm not sure if I'll get around to the bigger version - and I wonder if it'd be a bit too heavy to wash. I've one project left to complete and then I have a 'blank canvas' situation. I have a monochrome freestyle embroidery with a complex design from The Book of Kells to complete. The tracing of the design on the fabric has faded somewhat so I'll have to trust to my husband's generosity and ask him to fill in the gaps on the fabric. It won't be the first time! I've completed a few embroideries on this theme, getting braver with the complexity as I progress. I'm looking forward to getting back to it…