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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

The Starting Block (The Five Minute Rule for Music Practice) - Sharon Bill Music Matters Vlog

Procrastination is a musician’s worst enemy - and yet we all put off our music practice. Why? It’s not necessarily because we are being lazy (though, no doubt that is sometimes the problem). Sometimes its simply that we are daunted and overwhelmed at the prospect of what lies ahead. We know we’ve a long list of scales to get through and we know ‘that tricky section’ needs sorting… and so we give up before we’ve started. Breaking that barrier is easy if you try the 'five minute rule’ - commit to just five minutes, and then you can be done. I guarantee that you will nearly always find you’re engrossed and will achieve far more than just five minutes. However, if you’re really busy and five minutes is really all you can manage - at least you’ve done something.