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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

It's the Simple Things in Life

An unusually happy trip to see my GP ended with a down to earth cup of milky coffee from my local market - who needs expensive lattes or cappuccinos?

I love my GP! I've gone to the same GP since I was a teenager and my kids have all been under his care. I managed to secure a rare Saturday appointment to deal with some routine checks and after about three minutes the official interview was over. Having no queue of people waiting for his attention we sat and caught up on family news. Sitting chatting about kids, music and Mozart felt like I was in an episode of "Heartbeat" decades ago. I really appreciate having that genuine relationship, it's sad that things like this get lost in our hectic, busy lives. We've gained a lot in our modern society, but I sometimes wonder at what cost…

After such a retro morning it seemed only right to stay in character and so David and I went for breakfast at our local little indoor market. I think that it's the ultimate 'cool' to drink a market style coffee in mismatched crockery accompanied by some hot, buttered toast. We got married as students and very early on in our married life we learned to enjoy the simple things in life. This little coffee trip (and David's ubiquitous mug of tea) cost less than £2.50. We know how to have a good time!