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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Holiday Theory Club

Although I'm officially on holiday from teaching during the Easter holidays I've timetabled some extra theory lessons as exam entry time is fast approaching. I have to admit that this is no hardship - I love music theory! I really enjoy getting 'behind' the music and getting to grips with all of the nuts and bolts that make music what it is.

As the exams progress a student has to grapple with Italian, then later French and German music directions. As a revision exercise we play "Hangman" with all the various terminology. Some of the terms in the later grades are a little obscure and I've got my theory books handy to check them up. The new pink ABRSM theory book is good but I still prefer my old copy, first published in 1958. I'm guessing that they're still popular as they're not cheap - second hand is still about £15 if you can get your hands on one.