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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Back to Bach (Performance Restrictions - Music Will Live to Tell the Tale) Sharon Bill Music Matters

As live public performances are restricted it can be easy to become down-hearted. However, a glance back in history, to the Baroque period, brings me comfort and reassurance that music will fight on and survive. Public performances didn’t occur until the late 1600s, and very often good musicians were scarce (even in the royal court). Music was largely a domestic affair. Realising that Bach himself struggled under such restrictions - and yet his music survived and shone through the constriction, has encouraged me that we too will live to tell the tale. As musicians we are accustomed to a creative approach to problem solving and already we are showing that we will do what it takes to keep playing. Whether it’s from the balcony of your apartment or via the internet we will keep making music!