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Sharon Bill Author & Music Tutor

Fugue Facts

The ABRSM Grade 6 Piano (2019 & 2020) syllabus, List A:2, includes a Bach Fugue. This is a particularly pretty composition and relatively attainable as Bach Fugues go. The footnotes in the Exam Pieces book are helpful in guiding you to where the specific elements of the piece can be found. However, it may be that you aren’t familiar with the terminology and form of a fugue. I’ve outlined the basic elements of fugue form to help you understand what it is you are playing. Read More…

Bullet For My Performance Skills


I’m seeing a lot about music practise diaries and music bullet journals. Whilst habit tracking is an excellent discipline there are some pitfalls to be wary of. Read More…

Saying it Straight


Musical terms and performance directions take some time to get to grips with. Percy Grainger makes us wonder why we ever bothered to try! Read More…

Biddulph Grange Stumpery: Where Art and Nature Meet


Biddulph Grange Stumpery is my favourite “go-to” for a lunch time walk to blow the cobwebs away. It goes without saying that all of the gardens are exquisitely beautiful but the Stumpery conjures all sorts of literary associations in my mind. Read More…

A Thousand Thumbs UP


Whoop Whoop! I’ve finally crossed over the 1,000 subscriber line on my YouTube channel! I’m a very small fish in a monumentally large YouTube pool - but I’m on the first rung of the ladder now! Read More…