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Sharon Bill Author & Music Tutor

About me…

I grew up as one of those awkward children that never seemed to find where they fitted in, I never could understand why anyone would want to stay behind school to play netball - I never got picked for the team anyway. It wasn’t until it was time to start studying for school exams and I made it into the school orchestra that I felt some sense of purpose. I’m one of those types that always thinks better with a pen in her hand.

I was saved from becoming a total recluse by marrying an extrovert artist and illustrator who rode a motorbike. We got married during his first year at University and had twins, quickly followed by another during his finals. Since then life has been a ‘by the seat of your pants’ adventure.

Because both mine and my husband’s work was home based it seemed a natural progression for the children to study at home too, and so we began home educating our children just in time for High School level studies - quite the easiest time to start! It also prevented the early mornings which didn’t fit with the busy evenings in the many and varied orchestras that the children were involved in (and we don’t like mornings.) After successfully getting the kids to University I finally have some free time to expand my own career’s portfolio and have expanded my tuition practice and writing activities to more grown-up proportions.
I'm about middle height, middle weight with mid-brown hair. Oh, and I'm surprised to find that I'm middle aged...

When I'm not skidding around between chores or working I love freestyle embroidery and dressmaking. I also enjoy rearranging furniture and homemaking with a 'make do and mend' approach.

The only concessions to routine outside of timetabled pupils that I endure are singing in the city's largest amateur choir and attending my local Women's Institute.

This website provides a peep into the hotchpotch of my daily life. My husband and I both work from home and for over a decade I home educated my kids, making for a very busy house. Our Cottage Industries mentality continues and I divide my time between writing articles for a local magazine, working on novels, conducting music lessons and running a home. Any given moment during the day could see me sitting writing, chasing hens around the garden, practising scales or trying to tidy up before pupils arrive!

Sharon x