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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

William Morris - Birthday Tribute

William Morris has inspired the Arts and Crafts movement for many, many years. Today I celebrate his 182nd birthday - with scraps and remnants of fabric.

Over a decade ago a friend gave me a small piece of fabric with The Strawberry Thief design printed on it. I love it so much and can't bear to waste even an inch. I attempted to show my thanks by returning some of the fabric in the form of a pair of cushions (using some other left-over scraps). I then squirrelled the small remnants away until another suitable cause presented itself.

More recently my friend (a different friend) and I were discussing tote bags. I've made some from fabric left over from some skirts I'd made. I then remembered the tiny pieces of The Strawberry Thief I'd got stashed away and made a gift of a tote bag.

Because I love the fabric so much I had to make use of even the tiniest scrap by making patches for the carry handles. I've a few odd chunks left that I can't think of a use for just now - but I'm saving them just in case inspiration strikes.

I hope that William Morris would appreciate the sentiment behind these items. They were hand made using a hand sewing machine - no electric (it's so much more relaxing and tactile than with my electric machine), they are beautiful (well, I think they are) and they are useful. I think that embodies his famous quote,

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."