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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Long to Reign Over Us

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday didn't go unnoticed at the WI or at home. I do love her and honour her attitude of tireless service.

The Union Jacks have been stashed away since the Royal Wedding a few years ago but saw a bit of daylight today to celebrate the Queen's Birthday - any excuse for a flag and a bit of bunting! I've always loved the Royals but do so more particularly since the wedding of William and Kate. I also think that Harry is such a trooper - in more ways than one! However, I've always loved the Queen. Of course I don't suggest that she lives in hardship or 'roughs it' in any way. Nevertheless, since she stepped in to make a Radio Broadcast as a teenager - to encourage fellow youngsters during the war, she has exemplified a life of service.

I'm proud to fly my British flag to celebrate the Queen today. In June the WI will be making a bit more of a fuss, with a Community FéteAfternoon Tea, but at this months meeting we had crown topped tarts amid flags and bunting and closed our meeting by singing the National Anthem. I enjoyed the privilege of playing the piano for this super occasion - long(er) may she reign!