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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Just Two Extra Wheels/Pudding - a Sticky Situation

Moving from two wheels to four is quite a 'rite of passage' so a recent trip to take our daughter to buy her first car necessarily involved a celebratory meal out.

After months and months of saving - and then looking for just the right car, at just the right price - Hannah finally took the plunge and opted to travel on four wheels as well as two. This means that she can keep her lovely sportsbike for the nicer roads and better weather - no more deep winter riding! However, true to form we went to view the car on our motorbikes. The car was for sale in the beautiful village of Whaley Bridge, not far from Buxton - our usual biking Mecca, so we couldn't resist the urge for a ride that sunny Sunday morning. t was hilarious as, at one point, the car in question was parked and was totally ignored whilst everybody stood chatting, gazing with admiration at the motorbikes - surely we'd travelled to view a car!

The deal now being done we needed to ride home to return again the next day to finalise paperwork, insurance, road tax etc. It was such a beautiful morning and the ride home took us past the picturesque village of Rainow. The smell of Sunday Roast and gravy as we rode past 'The Robin Hood' couldn't be ignored. It somehow exemplified all that I love about Britain - twisting country roads with gems to be discovered along the way. Why a pub would hang a vintage pushbike from the roof timbers and then array it with flowers I don't know - but it gave just the right ambience.

The roast was, of course, delicious but pudding did create something of a sticky situation. We'd ordered Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert and that's exactly what we got… without any custard. We spent some minutes deliberating if we'd made a faux pas - would it be 'common' if we asked for a jug of custard? In hindsight it was likely that they were thinking that it must be a bunch of weirdos that had sticky toffee pudding without custard. Those strange bikers, huh? In the end we swallowed our pride (if not yet the pudding) and humbly asked for custard.

The word from the kitchen was that it was the bar staff's fault - apparently they should have asked. Alternatively, we shouldn't have presumed!