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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

I Love My Kitchen!

I love my kitchen! An authentic vintage design has grown from years of the 'Make Do and Mend' approach that I champion. The result is that I love my kitchen - and it shows!

Before it was quite trendy to go 'vintage' our 'new house' still had original 1970's tiles (3D orange and cream). It used to be something of a bane in my life but being unwilling (and unable) to gut the entire kitchen I've worked to make the colour scheme look like it's what I obviously always wanted. I've carefully placed shelving and vintage style pictures to cover cracks in the tiles. I painted cast-off pine furniture (now a convenient honeyed orange) with William Morris Blue Heritage Eggshell paint (suitable 'distressed) and gradually I've come to really love this kitchen. If someone were to offer to renovate and completely modernise it for me now I'd really struggle to say, "Yes."

Pre-owned Denby tableware and old shelving from my parent's business have completed the effect for me and only some twinkly lights and candles remain to add that extra ambience. I suppose that someday I'll have to succumb to a UPVC door, but I love my Herb Green painted back door. (It took David AGES to paint all of those squares!)