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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Hesitant Musician

In my forthcoming eBook “Letters from the Broom Cupboard” I refer to what I have termed the “Treble Clef Brigade”. - an exclusive club that I never dared to join.

Putting up the Christmas decorations this year I realised that I have made some progress in overcoming an inherent fear that I have in this area and I’ve finally succumbed to the lure of musical frippery. It’s something that I’ve never dared venture before. I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll live to regret it!

Here is an extract from the book explaining the situation…

Musicians are no exception. I have a horror of what I term the “Treble Clef Brigade.” Some of the most intelligent and mature pupils are often the most susceptible. After only one or two lessons the signs begin to show: their solitary music book will begin to be transported to lessons in a velcro fastened carry-case of alarming primary colours, emblazoned with treble clefs and inaccurately drawn crotchets and quavers. The ladies will adopt an unusual fashion sense and wear musical earrings large enough to give you a black eye and innumerable floaty scarves with notation (again inaccurately drawn) scattered amid a floral background.
I’ve developed an inverted scale of psychoanalysis based upon the number of music related accessories adopted. This hypothesis has been tested over a lengthy trial period and with a wide range of unbiased (i.e. ignorant) subjects. At choir it is my theory that the newest and most inexperienced members carry their music (which they can’t yet properly read) in the most highly musically decorated cases. As such I feel it necessary to take my own music in a Tesco carrier bag. If I’m honest it’s because I never feel that I’ve earned the right to use treble clef regalia until I’ve proved my worth and ability sufficiently. I’m not sure of the degree of professionalism required until I’ve earned my stripes.