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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Fipple Fancies (A Not-So Secret Society) - Sharon Bill Music Matters Vlog

Memberships and Societies is an obsession of mine - insomnia has a lot to answer for! Fippler’s Three (a group of four) is a fun group of friends where all sorts of frivolity abounds. We all started to learn the recorder (a member of the Fipple family) and it’s become a rather fabulous group where we talk about all sorts of silly things, as well as asking for general ideas and help on all matters musical. One sleepless night resulted in membership badges, newsletters, cobbled nursery rhymes - even mugs and tote bags! It’s so easy to forget that we play music because we love it. It’s great to share the love of music with our friends, even if it does get a bit silly sometimes.