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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Music Tuition YouTube Videos by Sharon Bill


After 25 years of piano and music theory tuition my lessons are now available on YouTube in glorious cinematic 4K!

Each of the videos is exactly as I would teach at home - it's as if you were sitting next to me for your weekly lesson.

Beginning with the absolute basics I explain about the structure of each of the scale patterns and demonstrate on the piano how they are constructed so that it's easy to understand. Once all of the theory behind the scale patterns has been thoroughly explained I then work through each scale. Note by note I show you how to play them with tips on fingering techniques, danger points to watch out for and visual clues to make each scale easier to play. There's even a video entitled "Scales Why Bother" in which I wax lyrical about why scales are so good for a musician and how much you can actually enjoy them.

All of the videos are grouped into playlists, such as Scales Explained, Minor Scales Practical and Major Scales Practical on my YouTube channel. They are all also accessible in the same playlists on my dedicated YouTube Video page here on my website. There is lots of new material coming soon so subscribe to my YouTube channel so as to be sure not to miss out.

If you are practising scales for an ABRSM piano exam I have free a free to download PDF in A4 and US Letter (no log in or email sign up required - just download) itemising each scale permutation which you can use to help you practise your scales thoroughly in a rota. You can also cut up the list into individual tickets to make a bran tub type 'Scale Box' which you can use to test yourself.

I particularly enjoy getting into the 'how' and 'why' of what makes music work and, as I explain the theory behind the various scale structures, I hope that I convey my enthusiasm to you and share the love of my subject.

For those who are working towards an ABRSM practical exam it's likely that you are also working through your theory grades too. My "How Sit YourABRSM Music Theory Exam, Grades 1, 2 and 3" is available in paperback and eBook from Amazon. This guide gives a strategy for preparing for and then sitting the exam, showing how to make the best use of your time in the exam room and so aim for those top marks. All of the information within this guide book is derived from over 25 years of teaching - during this time no pupil that I have entered has ever failed. Most of my pupils have passed with distinction and some even gained one hundred percent.