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Sharon Bill Author & Music Tutor

The Bear Necessitites

Jane Walker Florists, home of "haute couture" floral arrangements and gorgeous gifts, kindly offered a Facebook competition to win a bespoke "Suki Bear" - and I won! I'm afraid that I lowered the tone by concocting multiple cheesy poems to accompany my Facebook shares - but it did the trick and we have a new addition to our family.

Here are some of the dismal verses that spilled over my keyboard in order to win my new fluffy friend (hand finished with moveable joints):

Like and share to win a bear.
And now it is done, I hope I have won...

Don't despair, if you "like and share" to show you care - you might win a bear

If you share this last minute,You just might win it... (Sorry, shall I stop now?!?)

This weekend,
Jane Walker Florist will send
A fluffy new friend -
To me or to you?
I haven't a clue!!.

What a pretty bear
I can't help but stare
I really do care
To win this bear...
  (Ba dum - tsh!!)

Of course, once the bear was mine she needed an appropriate place to live, I couldn't have her tucked away out of sight. All summer I've been itching to have a bit of a 'rippy, sticky' project and this little table (which was my Great Aunt's) seemed the perfect thing. Adopting my usual 'make do and mend' mentality I didn't want to go and buy a piece of wood so my husband cut some packaging card to size for me and I gave it the usual treatment with an old dictionary - trying to keep an eye of for any words which might me inappropriate for living room company…

I think she likes her new home!