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Sharon Bill Author & Music Tutor

New Academic Year

The start of the academic year and the autumnal darker, colder nights causes many complaints. After all the moaning and groaning about being back to school I feel I should re-dress the balance. There's a fresh chill in the air in the morning and it's a fresh, new start to the school year. I love September!

I'm back in my various "Broom Cupboard" scenarios again (referring to my recent book Letters from The Broom Cupboard) and busy in my own music room - but I'm not complaining! I really love the sense of a new start. Over the summer break I've drawn a line under any disappointments and failures from last academic year and I've reflected upon any successes too. With fresh motivation and new goals I always feel ready to embrace September. It's like a second chance at New Year's Day! I always (and I mean always, without fail) resolve to keep my teaching diary neat and tidy - and I begin well at least. Ultimately some weeks are more legible than others.

This inexplicable sense of pleasure must surely also be linked with the fact that I really love Autumn. I love the smell of the air, the slight chill and the colour of the leaves falling from the trees. It's also time to start thinking of putting a log fire in the hearth. I love walking and kicking the leaves. Sometimes my husband and I will just go for a brief wander and a chat and we refer to it as "kicking leaves time." I don't dislike Summer but by September I'm ready for a change - and I genuinely love Autumn. I love the clothes appropriate to the season. I'd much prefer to wear big woolly socks and knitted jumpers than flimsy flip-flops. I also really enjoy the onset of the darker nights: Cosy candles, lamps and twinkly lights inside the house and outside too! Who wouldn't love this time of year?