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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Fickle Flute Fancies

The relationship between a woodwind player and their instrument technician is one of trust. I always feel a tinge of shame as I hand over a tarnished flute housed in a dust-ridden case. It's an expression of guilt and an acknowledgement that your beloved instrument is about to get the TLC it has been deprived of for some time and so desperately deserves.

The certain knowledge that months and years of neglect can no longer be hidden is humbling. I took my beloved 'Trevaliér' (an open-holed Trevor James flute) to my friendly specialist with metaphorical cap in hand. Thankfully he's a lovely guy and the trauma is in my own head alone! I first met Dominic when I was about 15 years old, so I know that both me and 'Trevaliér' are in safe hands. I doubt anybody else has these worries. I get like this just going to the hairdressers - in fact there's a whole chapter dedicated to the stress induced from getting a trim in my forthcoming eBook 'Letters from the Broom Cupboard.'

Now all is well. I have a fully functional, shiny flute. I'm inspired to pick up the Handel Flute Sonata again. It's been gathering dust for a while but a shiny flute inspires me to play it again. The dilemma now is that if I leave me flute out to keep playing it it will get dirty again, whereas it will stay clean and shiny if it stays inside its case… Life is shaped from such decisions.