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Sharon Bill Music Tutor & Author

Damask Designs

I've always had a thing for Damask, whether fabric, wallpaper or artwork in general. It reminds me of the William Morris designs that I love so much. I know it isn't considered trendy but it keeps on finding a place in my home.

Years ago I made a fabric throw to cover a grand piano I used to have. The grand piano found it's way to Romania as space became needed for other things as three children rapidly grew but the fabric throw stayed on. It became a bed cover for a time before being packed away for a change. However, I couldn't resist and it came back into use as a bedspread again. I had a roll of wallpaper hanging around which was I was thrilled to find was almost a perfect negative of the bedspread fabric. The bureaux used to belong to my Great Aunt but now serves me as a small home office (sometimes I escape to my bedroom in the hope of finding a bit of peace and quiet) and as I was lying in bed in one of my insomniac phases I was suddenly overcome with what was the obvious purpose of the wallpaper - had I but know this when I purchased the roll. Some double sided tape and lots of fuss and fiddling later the desired result was achieved. I'm so thrilled - I love it!

I realise that this is a very non PC thing to say, but I do think that the homemaker within us can't resist to keep on feathering the nest. I just can't ever quite leave things alone…